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[center]Nashville Cast - The Music Of Nashville: Greatest Hits Seaso
Nashville Cast - The Music Of Nashville: Greatest Hits Seasons 1-5 (2017)
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Country, Female Vocal | Label: Big Machine Records[/center]

Big Machine Records UK will release a 3 CD Greatest Hits collection from the music of hit TV show Nashville on October 6th, to coincide with the Season 5 finale airing in the UK and the release of the Nashville Season 5 DVD. Tracks on the collection will be favourites taken from across the soundtracks to seasons 1-5.

'Stand Up' by Chris Carmack - one of the lead tracks from the Nashville Season 5 soundtrack, which will also feature on the Great Hits collection, will be released as the next single.

The enduring popularity of the programme and its characters was illustrated once again this year when the Nashville cast played their second UK headline tour to a rapturous reception, selling out three shows at the London's Royal Albert Hall.

"Nashville" airs on six continents and in more than 100 territories. Since its debut, the show has inspired multiple "Music of Nashville" soundtracks as well as a Christmas album, collectively selling more than a million soundtracks and millions more single tracks to date. Now in its fifth season, the critically-acclaimed series is set against the backdrop of the city's music scene and follows the personal and professional challenges as country music royalty including Rayna Jaymes, Juliette Barnes and Deacon Claybourne navigate their paths as artists and individuals.

1. Telescope / Lennon & Maisy
2. Wrong Song / Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere
3. A Life That's Good / Lennon & Maisy
4. Undermine / Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten
5. Black Roses / Clare Bowen
6. No One Will Ever Love You / Connie Britton, Charles Esten
7. Joy Parade / Lennon & Maisy
8. Change Your Mind / Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio
9. Hypnotizing / Hayden Panettiere
10. Stronger Than Me / Connie Britton
11. Believing / Charles Esten, Lennon & Maisy
12. We Are Water / Hayden Panettiere
13. If I Didn't Know Better / Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen
14. Swept Away / Lennon Stella, Jessy Schram
15. Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet / Hayden Panettiere
16. Loving You Is The Only Way To Fly / Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio

1. Ho Hey / Lennon & Maisy
2. Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again / Hayden Panettiere
3. I Will Fall / Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio
4. Have A little Faith In Me / Will Chase & Maisy Stella
5.Can't Say No To You / Hayden Panettiere / Chris Carmack
6. Why Can't I Say Goodnight / Sam Palladio / Clare Bowen
7. Heart On Fire / Lennon & Maisy
8. Love Like Mine / Hayden Panettiere
9. All Of Me / Clare Bown / Sam Palladio
10. I've Got You (And You've Got Me) / Lennon & Maisy
11. Looking for A Place To Shine / Clare Bowen
12. Sideshow / Charles Esten
13. On My Way / Hayden Panettiere / Jonathan Jackson
14. One Works Better / Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
15. We Are Water / Hayden Panettiere

1. Sanctuary / Lennon & Maisy
2. Plenty Far To Fall / Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
3. What If I Was Willing / Chris Carmack
4. Buried Under / Connie Britton
5.This Town / Clare Bowen / Charles Esten
6. Trouble Is /Hayden Panettiere
7. This is What I Need To Say / Jonathan Jackson
8. Fade Into You / Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
9. Ball And Chain / Connie Britton / Will Chase
10. My Song / Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio / Jonathan Jackson
11. For Your Glory / Hayden Panettiere
12. When The Right One Comes Along / Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
13. Your Best / Lennon & Maisy
14. Longer / Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio
15. Boys And Buses / Hayden Panettiere

Nashville Cast - The Music Of Nashville: Greatest Hits Seaso Cast - The Music Of Nashville_ Greatest Hits Seasons 1-5_.part1.rar Cast - The Music Of Nashville_ Greatest Hits Seasons 1-5_.part3.rar Cast - The Music Of Nashville_ Greatest Hits Seasons 1-5_.part4.rar Cast - The Music Of Nashville_ Greatest Hits Seasons 1-5_.part2.rar
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